Product Exchange Policy:

​As an advantage of purchasing product from a licensed professional, you can feel more secure that Dazzling Skin is here to troubleshoot and ensure your skin needs are met.


​Dazzling Skin will credit you for a product returned within 30 days and work to find the best product for you. 

​Credit to be applied to product exchange only.

​Credit will not be applied toward services.

Credit will be based on the amount of product returned.

For DMK Skincare product,

please visit Dazzling Skin location.

All skin types are priced the same except for Mature Skin.

Cleansers:                       $30                         Mature Skin: $40

Deep Cleansing System: $48                                              $60

Night Cream:                   $46                                               $58

Essential Oil:                   $34                                               $36

Mask:                              $50                                                $58

Intro Set: which includes,

cleanser, deep cleansing, spf 30, hydrate serum, night cream

                                        $170                                              $200


C Power:                           $62

Absorb/Rehab/Hydrate     $50

Clear it:                             $42

Power Scrub:                    $34

SPF30+moisturizer           $32

Eye Cream:

Fresh Eyes                       $30

Eye Corrector                   $58

Eye Revive                       $70

Products are available for purchase inside Dazzling Skin, Las Vegas

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Skin type: Dry, Combination or Oily Skin

Skin treatment: Reactive, Acne or Mature Skin