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Exclusive care for you

Skin type: Dry, Combination or Oily Skin

Skin treatment: Reactive, Acne or Mature Skin

Product Exchange Policy:

​As an advantage of purchasing product from a licensed professional, you can feel more secure that Dazzling Skin is here to troubleshoot and ensure your skin needs are met.


​Dazzling Skin will credit you for a product returned within 30 days and work to find the best product for you. 

​Credit to be applied to product exchange only.

​Credit will not be applied toward services.

Credit will be based on the amount of product returned.

All skin types are priced the same except for Mature Skin.

Cleansers:                       $30                         Mature Skin: $40

Deep Cleansing System: $48                                              $60

Night Cream:                   $46                                               $58

Essential Oil:                   $34                                               $36

Mask:                              $50                                                $58

Intro Set: which includes,

cleanser, deep cleansing, spf 30, hydrate serum, night cream

                                        $170                                              $200


C Power:                           $62

Absorb/Rehab/Hydrate     $50

Clear it:                             $42

Power Scrub:                    $34

SPF30+moisturizer           $32

Eye Cream:

Fresh Eyes                       $30

Eye Corrector                   $58

Eye Revive                       $70

Products are available for purchase inside Dazzling Skin, Las Vegas